Gino Leineweber

Hemingway – How it all began

Childhood and Youth in Michigan
This book describes how Hemingway became what he was: one of, if not the most excellent writer of his time. But he was also a legendary drinker obsessed with his masculinity, a womanizer and macho man, a lover of boxing and bullfighting. If you want to know how these characteristics developed in the young Ernest Hemingway, you have to go back to his childhood and youth in Michigan. Hemingway’s vocation as a writer was tremendous because the imprints he received there as a young person flowed into his works: Independence, experience, confidence, strength, courage, and talent. The author follows Hemingway in his literary footsteps just as he followed Hemingway to Michigan, the region of his childhood and youth. To the places where Hemingway learned to fish, hunt, drink, and meet girls and where he learned to concentrate seriously on his writing.

Author: Gino Leineweber

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