Christopher Okemwa (Ed.)

Coming Out of Isolation

Poems on Resilience, Triumph and Hope

The alarm and the horror that characterized the years 2020 and 2021 are fading fast, gone, or about to go, while the gentle footsteps of the Guardian spirit can be heard yonder. Images of spring, sunlight, blazing candles, brilliant flowers, and moonlit nights are taking center stage in our minds.

There is hope for a better life, and a healthy situation in the world in 2022 as people start to gather on the streets, hugging and kissing; their mask-less faces display laughter, giggles, and beauty. In great abundance, life has come or is soon coming back, rushing in, bending down to pick up its old cloth.

This anthology, Coming Out of Isolation: Poems on Resilience, Triumph & Hope, features poems written by poets after their endless days in lockdown and self-isolation. The poetry herein expresses the poets’ feelings and thoughts in a completely new way with a healing tonal quality, brighter and pleasant imageries, and new lively metaphors.

Genre: Lyrik
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VerlagVerlag Expeditionen
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