Gino Leineweber

Wayfarers – A Workshop of the TSWTC on The Strange in Us

This book is part of the publisher’s Literature Caravan Edition. A group of writers and poets traveling together on an expedition to a certain topic.

The Island of Rhodes was the caravanserai of a journey initiated by the Hamburg Writers Association (HAV) and the Three Seas Writers’ and Translators’ Council (TSWTC). The literary travel subject was The Strange in Us. The fruits of this journey with its one-week workshop in September 2016 is published in this multilingual book of poems, essays, and stories by twelve writers from six countries: Ananya Azad from Bangladesh, Dalia Staponkutė from Lithuania, Emina Čabaravdić-Kamber from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Gino Leineweber, Uwe Friesel, and Wolf-Ulrich Cropp from Germany, Gonca Özmen and Mesut Senol from Turkey, Lily Exarchopoulou and Yiorgos Chouliaras from Greece, and from Rhodes/Greece: Spyros Syropoulos and Suleiman Alayali-Tsialik.

The HAV is a literary association in Hamburg, Germany that was founded in 1977. TSWTC is an international entity that, under the auspices of UNESCO, was established in 1996 together with the International Writers’ and Translators’ Center in Rhodes/Greece.

Genre: Edition Literaturkarawane, Fremdsprachige Bücher, Lyrik
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